The map below shows the location of SAGAS member Societies.

The blue symbols show where each society meets. In some cases societies may meet at alternative locations for lectures and observing. See the individual society web sites for details. Links to all the member society web sites can be found in the left hand column.


Telescope icon Observing venue
Planet icon Meeting venue

Green icons show societies not affiliated to SAGAS

View Larger Map and to see a list of the societies. Opening the larger map will allow you to zoom and to print a copy of the map. The map is produced using Google Maps. Note:- The locations shown are the nearest location that could be found for the primary location for the relevant society.

Light Pollution

A map of the light pollution levels in Europe can be downloaded from Google using this link load this together with the SAGAS KML file above into your copy of Google Earth and you should be able to see which SAGAS societies are located in
the areas that have least light pollution.

Note to Society Representitives

Would society representatives please check the location of your societies symbol using the Map or the Google Earth KML file. I have tried to
place it where your meetings / lectures are but in some cases that has proved difficult to locate – corrections in location to me please. Either as Latitude and Longitude or else a better postcode.

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