M82 by John Moore, Farnham Astronomical Society

The next SAGAS meeting takes place on Saturday 28th January 2012 . 

The meeting will be held in the Bunker Room at the South Downs Planetarium, Chichester.

Time: 2.15pm – 5pm.

A copy of the Agenda can be downloaded here (PDF format).



1. Welcome and Apologies

2. Societies Present

3. Minutes of Last Meeting

4. Matters Arising

5. Society Information Feedback

6. Feedback on Stargazing Live across the Region

7. Web site

8. IoW Star Party

9. Feedback from FAS

10. SAGAS Relationship with FAS

11. Future direction of SAGAS – values etc.

12. Draft Constitution

13. AOB


 Image: M81 by John Moore, Farnham Astronomical Society

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