Foredown Tower Astronomers at their "Sir Patrick Moore" Moonwatch

The Foredown Tower Astronomers were foiled by poor visibility on March 16th for their Sir Patrick Moore “Memorial Moon Watch” at Hangleton Manor. However, the Emmaus Community, Brighton, made their grounds available for the FTA to have a second attempt at this “Memorial Moon Watch” on April 23rd. This time the weather was perfect with a 12-day Moon and not a sign of a cloud anywhere. Many of those present saw the Moon for the first time by using telescopes. Before we closed the event we were able to show Jupiter with its four main moons being visible. Finally, at 9.30 p.m., we located Saturn to show its rings to our visitors.  The catering manager at Emmaus, Ian, opened the restaurant for visitors to have hot soup to supplement the enjoyment of the evening.

2013 April0007



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