The Brighton Emmaus Community was persuaded by Foredown Tower Astronomers to build an analemmatic sundial in their grounds that are open to the public.  This project was officially opened by Dr. Robert Smith (University of Sussex) on Saturday, June 29th at the Emmaus Open Day by uncovering the midday-stone at 1 p.m.  Sir Patrick Moore recorded the following instruction last September to be played at the opening ceremony. “Congratulations, Here we go! Uncover the Midday Stone.”  This picture shows Dr. Smith carrying out the instruction from Sir Patrick Moore.  The shadow of gnomon was in the centre of the Mid-day Stone. The final decoration of blue tiles, to represent the sky between the rays of the Sun will be laid by Lee Radford, the designer of this artistic sundial, as soon as a period of stable weather is forecast.

2013 june0030

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