Paul Curtis (Andover AS) has sent us the wonderful image above of the Lunar Eclipse which took place in the early hours of 28th September 2015.  This eclipse took place at “Lunar Perigee” when the Moon is closest to the Earth during its monthly orbit.

 The image below was taken by Kevin Pretorius (Farnham AS).



The following images were taken by Tony Questa (Guildford AS).  The first is a composite of the ‘before’ and near total eclipse taken from his garden in Surrey.  These images were taken using a Meade 8″ at F6.7 (focal-reducer) and Canon EOS 20D at ISO=1600, and 1/3200 sec uneclipsed and 1.6 sec eclipsed.  Note the huge difference.  Tony described his technique as follows: “I gave up on published  tables for exposure times – they can’t predict how dark an eclipse will be –  so I took several and these worked”.



IMG_3796-001 Eclipse and Stars

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