“The aim of SAGAS is to unite astronomical societies in the Southern Area of England, UK so that we can help each other, share ideas and observations, give our society members a better service and get more out of our hobby. There are no formal boundaries to the SAGAS area, although roughly it is South of the Thames and the M4 until Swindon and then down through Salisbury to the coast. We sincerely hope that your society will decide to join us and welcome sharing our experiences with you.”

(Graham Bryant, Secretary)

How to join

Please direct your membership enquiries to Graham Bryant, SAGAS Secretary at the following email:

Image of email address: SAGAS Secretary

Alternatively, come to one of our regular meetings as a visitor to see what we do. We will ask for a small contribution to help cost of the venue but this is refundable against your subscription.


Membership of SAGAS will cost your society just £15 per year. This small fee covers the cost of the meeting venue, running the web site and the cost of attending the FAS meetings on behalf of the member societies.



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